Spirit Guide


What a lovely relationship I have developed with my wolf along this journey of refinement. My wolf is looking to me to lead the way.

I see complete trust in his eyes and a look that says “I know that you know”. What a powerful message that I carry the wisdom inside of me. A lesson to keep here, about not relying too heavily on others to determine my truth. He brings a sternness coupled with a softness, that is saying to me “I’m going to insist that you follow your call, then I will follow you and support you. I intend to keep you on your path.” As I was working with him, I was trying to tune in to whether he was male or female and it fluctuated, as he seems to be well balanced in both energies. Once complete though, the message he brings has a more masculine energy to its tone, so I feel now that he is a strong male with a lovely nurturing side to him.


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