He Lives In Me

he-lives-in-me-web-sizeThe lion is telling me that it’s all about illusion. As I lost myself in the music of the Lion King, he started to emerge. Whenever I was looking at the reference, picture ‘too hard’ trying to literally reproduce what I was looking at, the left brain kicked in. When I recognized this and went back to just looking for lights and darks and applying them loosely, this is when the magic started to happen! It was starting to look a bit same/same so I went to the pastels I hadn’t yet used and took some colours from the blues, greens, bright yellow & white and brought it to life. This happened during the song “They Live in You” so it was quite cathartic! ROOAARRRR! I’m calling this painting – ‘He lives in me’

Thanks to Irena for this wonderful lesson at Awaken Creativity


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