Beauty in Humility


Painting this was an amazing experience. In my mind, I followed Irena’s instructions carefully (in her course, Awaken Creativity) and had full belief that I had ‘done a good job’. (Note the self assessment/judgement). Upon receiving feedback, I realised that I had omitted to ‘notice’ a key element was missing and that my angles were out of whack by a mile. My lady originally had a very flat face, like she had crashed into a wall! LOL. The learnings for me are profound. This is indeed what can happen if you don’t look where you are going! You can crash into a wall. I am also learning to be more present and to really LOOK with my eyes rather than my mind and in doing so, get to let my ego step aside so I can become more humble. The interesting dynamic is that when I step out of my egoic mind (if there is such a word) and take on board the feedback, what I am able to produce is far greater that what I had done ‘by myself’! Through this painting I get to see there is beauty in humility, so I am calling it “Beauty in Humility”

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