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Whilst I was painting this fox, he certainly taught me about patience, as my eyes kept tricking me as far as the perspective of the nose is concerned. I let him sit a couple of times before going back and looking again to see what was illusion & what was real. Quite fitting for the … Continue reading Foxy

Peta Rabbit

Painting this rabbit was a great lesson on not being hard on myself. When I first painted it, I was having trouble connecting with its spirit and it was looking very hard/harsh, and very masculine – almost aggressive! This was mirroring how I was treating myself over a few issues. When I took some time … Continue reading Peta Rabbit

Utter Bliss

Connecting to the spirit of this animal was an added challenge, without eyes to look into. When I first saw the picture of this fox with its eyes closed, I was drawn in by its blissful state. This is what I was seeing and feeling….Utter Bliss!


As I ponder on the role of the emu as a parent, and one that embodies spiritual excellence, the expression on the emu’s face encapsulates my own feelings about how I am identifying with my role as a parent at this particular point in time. 


When I was painting this horse, it gave me a sense of deep peace & serenity. I can now see that this was because of the compassion being shown to my by its beautiful spirit.  I am so loving connecting with the spirit of the animals I am painting.

Fading Away

My aim when painting this one was to stay loose and I achieved that. However, I put my page on an angle, so my Tassie Devil would not be looking square on at me….looks like my left brain self-corrected that though! LOL! Staying loose has allowed him to blend in to his environment to the … Continue reading Fading Away

Turtle Wisdom

My turtle is a special one to me because he brought a special lesson with him. He took me considerable time to do, as I was not taking on a life lesson. When I first ‘finished’ him, I wasn’t really happy with the form of the shell. This was because I was doing the pattern … Continue reading Turtle Wisdom


My koala has emerged. Teaching me some lessons along the way, with the help of Irena Kirpichnikova. I have learned more about focus, perspective, lighting and patience along the way, allowing this delightful chap to be seen in the forest at night. Given that the Koala is listed as a Vulnerable species in South East … Continue reading Endangered


This is a young male bear, coming out of hibernation, hungry for what the world has to offer….much like me really! As I learn more about how to express my creativity, I see how long I have been in hibernation. Exciting times lie ahead, now that I am awakening and developing my style. I think … Continue reading Awakening


This is our beloved Tasha, who passed on many years ago….she’s back!

Spirit Guide

What a lovely relationship I have developed with my wolf along this journey of refinement. My wolf is looking to me to lead the way. I see complete trust in his eyes and a look that says “I know that you know”. What a powerful message that I carry the wisdom inside of me. A … Continue reading Spirit Guide


I feel like I am developing my style. I am enjoying the ‘impressionist’ approach to pastel painting, as opposed to the ‘realist’ approach and am finding that the end result is more real anyway. My Eagle brings me a serenity with a great depth of wisdom and feels very much a part of me. For … Continue reading Egalitarian

He Lives In Me

The lion is telling me that it’s all about illusion. As I lost myself in the music of the Lion King, he started to emerge. Whenever I was looking at the reference, picture ‘too hard’ trying to literally reproduce what I was looking at, the left brain kicked in. When I recognized this and went … Continue reading He Lives In Me

Peaceful Panda

Panda is all about peace & harmony to me. Another lesson from Awaken Creativity

Beauty in Humility

Painting this was an amazing experience. In my mind, I followed Irena’s instructions carefully (in her course, Awaken Creativity) and had full belief that I had ‘done a good job’. (Note the self assessment/judgement). Upon receiving feedback, I realised that I had omitted to ‘notice’ a key element was missing and that my angles were … Continue reading Beauty in Humility


First in a series of online lessons with Irena Kirpichnikova in her Awaken Creativity course.

The Girlfriend

She is named “The Girlfriend” because by the time I had finished painting her, I had fallen in love with her! 🙂

The Guardian

My first pastel painting, thanks to the skilled guidance of Irena Kirpichnikova from Byron Bay Art Studio

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