Xena (Zena)

This is the story about Xena, or Zena, depending upon who spelled her name
Brave and fearless like the Warrior Princess named the same
When much bigger dogs were around, she hardly even cared
But the men who came to work, would see her and often feel scared

She would love to cuddle up on Wendy’s lap
Enjoying this better than trying to find rats to trap
A short legged Jack Russell, with feet turned out at ninety degrees
They’d send her into a tumble as she ran through the grass and the trees

And when it was Terry’s turn to take her for a walk
He’d look down at her prancing at the end of the lead
‘Like walking a blowfly’ he’d say, hoping the neighbours didn’t talk
For he was clearly used to walking much bigger dogs, indeed

Then she would curl herself up in her bed
With the funniest obsession running through her head
Round and round she’d turn, working her blanket ‘till she’d fully wrapped her all
A contented little princess, wrapped up in her pretty shawl.

© 2017 John Rodriquez




Today we pause to honour all types of mother or mum
As this role is filled by another for some
Then there’s those who’ve lost daughter or son
No less honour for them oughta become

And the mothers of orphans, both young and old
Perhaps gone before; perhaps not enrolled
Whose children are left behind; no mother to behold
But still worthy of honour, though pain may be unresolved

And what of the mothers who have lost a child before term
The sometimes forgotten ones, these mothers we now confirm
Their miscarriages and stillbirths of grave concern
But their roles as mothers, we honour as we affirm

So, come one, come all, on this special day
Gather round and join the call to say
Together as one, we open our hearts and pray
To give honour to mothers and mums yet again today

© 2017 John Rodriquez

Give Personalised Poetry Gifts


When you’re looking for that special gift
To give yourself or someone else a lift
And you’ve got something particular to say
Crafted poetry or verse, I can send your way

It may be short or long and carry any tone
And take on any manner or form
To meet your needs I’ll carefully hone
Your personal offering will be born

Be it person, pet or things
And about any situation
I will give it life in this creation
So you can share the joy it brings

It could be for hatches, matches or despatches
Serious, loving or irreverent
With style and flair, it will be different
Whatever the feel you want, it catches

So if you’re searching for that extra special text
Fill out the form below to see what’s next
And start your journey to a brave new world
To co-create your special gPet Poetryift, soon to be unfurled

© John Rodriquez 2017

Price Guide $Australian

Short Poem (1-4 verses) $147
Medium Poem (5-8 verses) $197
Long Poem (9-12 verses) $247
Extra Long Poem (13-20 verses) $297
Other items (e.g.Eulogy, Special Occasion Speech) Price on Application

What’s Next?

After you have completed this form, I will contact you to get a detailed brief & send you a quote with full specifications about your poem, along with an invoice with payment details.

Payment Details:

Full payment (non-refundable) is required before I commence your poem.


I will work with you to produce a work that resonates with you and will happily edit if there is something in particular that I have misunderstood from your briefing or does not meet your expectations.

Exploring Haiku


I have recently been introduced to Haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry. There are various descriptions of what Haiku is, and it is slightly different in Japanese as opposed to English. The Japanese version uses a single line, whereas the English version uses 3 lines. The Japanese focus is on 17 word sounds, which we equate to syllables, in groupings of 5, 7 & 5, hence our 3 lines. Subject matter is traditionally about something in nature and the lines rarely rhyme.

All posts are ©John Rodriquez

Here are my first 3 Haiku

Haiku 1

Sun is rising now
Sharing its radiant glow
Nature at its best.

Haiku 2

Breathing morning air
With freshness the day begins
A new day unfolds

Haiku 3

Five syllables dawn
Seven to follow and shine
Five setting the sun

Little Boy

Little Boy

What does it mean to grow up with no joy?
Never get the chance to be a little boy
In war torn lands they never get the chance
War is all they know; they never learn to dance

A child of revolution; I know no other
Taken at an early age; stolen from my mother
Hear my tale of woe; never let it go
Lend me your hand so peace can flow

Little boy, come take my hand
I’ll show you joy; ain’t love grand
Little boy hiding in a man
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land

Little boy, come take my hand
I’ll show you joy; ain’t love grand
Little boy hiding in a man
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land

How can I know what you say is true
I’ve been burned; my outlook’s blue
I need to know if I can trust
What you say won’t turn me to dust

Little boy, you can trust
My heart is pure, no blood lust
Little boy hiding in a man
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land

Little boy, come take my hand
I’ll show you joy; ain’t love grand
Little boy hiding in a man
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land
Little boy, come take my hand
I’ll show you joy; ain’t love grand

Little boy hiding in a man
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land
You don’t have to die to find the Promised Land

© 2011 John Rodriquez

The Storm

The day started early with the crisp sweet song of birds
And light creeping round the curtain

Another warm day for certain.

The ground was wet from the night rain
And the air was heavy and damp
Then up came the breeze and dried the air around the camp

Throughout the day the clouds rolled by
And the sun continued to brighten the day
But the words of warning were written in the sky

I’m yet to show you my power, later in the day

By late in the afternoon, it’s getting dull
For a sub-tropical storm is pending
We are now awaiting in its lull
With anticipation building

It’s going to be a big one
Just as the day is ending

Suddenly the the sky flashes, magnesium white
Folowed by the crisp clap of thunder
This is the best of nature
We watch with sheer delight
As the clouds keep rolling from asunder

With one brilliant flash after another
Lighting the extremities of the sky
We watch with awe and wonder
As the storm clouds go racing by

Then the rain comes crashing down
Like it’s never going to stop
It gushes across the ground
Then, as quickly as it came, it stops

It has turned the day around

The air is fresh and clean
And a lonely frog begins to croak
Singing louder and louder every minute
Grateful for the thorough soak

The rain has returned
Gentle, unforgiving
The clouds empty their contents
As the sun prepares to throw us back another storm

Sometime soon

But who knows when?

© John Rodriquez

Positive Self-Talk

Just a word from a friend to say….
I hate to see to come apart this way
These things are not here to stay
Because you can send them away!

They visit us every now and then
And take grip if we let them
But the trick is ease them away
Never thinking of letting them stay!

And the way to do this
Is to give them a big kiss
Sayin’ “This ain’t happenin’ to me today…
‘Cause positive self-talk sends it away!”

With a smile on your face
You’re back in the race
And the spring comes back in your walk
The world is yours, with positive self-talk!

So take it and play
Go out and enjoy your day
And use it every which way
And carry that smile every day!

© John Rodriquez


Thank you dad
For being my father
You gave me a start in life
You’ve kept me free from strife

In this busy manly world
Of hustle, bustle and shoving
It’s often very hard to feel comfortable
About expressing father and son loving

It’s something we know is there
But refrain from outwardly expressing
Just how much we really care
And leave each other guessing

Enough of the inward restraint
And the anguish over communication
My time has come to break the mold
And express outwardly, being bold
And tell you loud and clear – I love you dad
Then you know that you’ve been told

Then you don’t ever have to wonder
If you’ve done the right things
Because you’ve always done the very best you can
And that’s the best this world can expect from any man

I’ve always admired your inner strength
And would want no one else to be my dad
You’re free now to release the past
And to continue being the best dad I’ve ever had

I love you dad

© John Rodriquez

An Artist’s Dilemma

How do I temper passion with patience?
I am ready to create, in the flow
But alas, the canvas is not ready
Or the last layer is not dry
The fire is ready to erupt into glorious splendour
But it cannot be, for the time is not right
I must wait, I must wait
So I have to keep the embers burning
Without consuming all the fuel
So that the flames can rise again, when the time is right
Be that first thing in the morning…or the middle of night

How do I temper passion with patience?
I look inside, in the knowing that the fire will never die
It is the essence of my being
It is who and what I am
I am the infinite Creator
My soul-fire burns ever so bright
It smoulders, it sparks, it rages
As I feed it with love, joy and child-like anticipation
Deep in the knowing…
I am creativejohn
Sharing a gift for passionate creation

How do I temper passion with patience?
There is no need, for the spaces in time are meant to be
They are part of the creative process
The incubation periods, the consolidation, all creating depth
A depth that may not appear from a single sitting
So they are to be cherished as the breeding ground for future joy
Of delightful surprises and new dimensions
As patience becomes the fuel for the fire of passion
And lets it build and rebuild in waves of ecstasy
For the flames to rise again
To give birth to the next masterpiece and bask in its afterglow

© John Rodriquez