You have the Power to Heal Yourself

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Brand New Workshop/Playshop

Learn the ART of Self-Healing

Sunday 11 June 2017 @ SILO Paddington


Combining journalling, painting, meditation, group singing and sound healing, brought together in an exciting combination to teach you how to become your own alchemist and transform your own energy.

Special Introductory Offer: Bring a friend for half price!

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HURRY, as places are strictly limited!


This is a story of how Art can be used to change your energy.  A client of mine (Jackie) had gone into a marriage, only to discover later, that she was not herself in this marriage, so chose to leave it.

As with most people who get married, she had some lovely photos that were taken, that she had no further use for.  One of these was a beautiful canvas that she offered me to use to do a painting on.  Rather than do this, I suggested that she do a painting over it, to shift her energy in relation to closing out her marriage and energising her in readiness for her new path.

I took Jackie through a process that involved mediation, toning, giving voice to her feelings, taking guidance from within to identify feelings and colours, which she proceeded to use to make her masterpiece. Note that Jackie had never ‘really painted’ before (her words) and found that when I gave her tools other than paint brushes to use, that she felt free to play.

As her painting took shape, she worked through may thoughts and emotions, from sadness, to acceptance to joy.

dsc08122  dsc08129  dsc08133

The closer she got to completing her masterpiece, the more she noted how much her energy had shifted, as she proudly stood back and viewed her handiwork.

dsc08126       dsc08141


She has called her piece ‘Transformation’ for obvious reasons 🙂

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about the Play Sessions I run and can tailor to meet your individual or group needs.

Join me on a Vision Quest that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Starting September 11th 2015

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If you have a desire in your heart, something you really, really, really want to experience, express or create, it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! Not only is it possible, but it is inevitable. Your desire and your longing are a sign that this potential reality ALREADY EXISTS for you.

I have teamed up with Whitney Freya, who was my Creatively Fit Coach to bring you Vision Quest – The Creatively Fit Program. This is an online program where you will have access to program materials through a shared site, receive video tutorials and participate in group calls with Whitney Freya, a most inspiring and creative artist who has the knack of making the seemingly complicated become so simple.

I have done this program with Whitney and was so inspired by it that I am now bringing it to you! You can read more about my story here. You will be supported with personal attention from me as your Creatively Fit Coach, guiding you and holding you accountable.  Let’s face it, if you want to get out of this program what you are looking for, you want to be held accountable!  Right?

Whitney and I are both passionate about accompanying you into this deep dive!

                                John RHC tintwhitney

The Vision Quest Program will tap you into the signs, symbols, synchronicities, and dreams that your right brain, your Soul, has been sending you. You will be amazed at the state of flow you can achieve. Have a look at the program here and register today. This program is only being offered twice per year and prices quoted are in US$.

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Please contact me if you want to talk more about this.

Creative Playshops/Workshops Available

  • Want to try your hand at something creative?

  • Don’t know where to start?

  • Don’t consider yourself to be an artist?


Then, talk to me about joining in on a fun playshop (I refuse to call them workshops, because you don’t PLAY!) to dive into your innate creativity, without judgement and with no fear.  Join a highly supportive environment where fun is the name of the game, where process is king and the finished product is not the focus.

You are guaranteed to have a great time and will love what you create.

These sessions are run on an on-demand basis at at locations around Brisbane and suburbs.  If you are even the slightest bit tempted, please contact me using the form below to express your interest.