creativejohn is an artistic creative soul living in Brisbane

This website has been developed to bring together all of his creative offerings for you to enjoy. Should you wish to purchase prints of any of these images, please contact John at creativejohn@outlook.com

Only the highest quality papers and canvas are used and a quote will be sent to you for approval.  Some images will have smaller file sizes, so enlargements past a particular size will not be offered in order to preserve the quality of the image.

As more work is done in developing this site, the available sizes will be specified individually for you.

This site has been designed to use in either of two different ways, depending on your browsing preferences….

Using Pages format

It has pages with tabs at the top, showing each different media type. If you click on these you will see a gallery of works using that particular medium. These galleries only display part of the full artwork. By clicking on any of these, you can see the full artwork. You can like, share and comment from there.

Using Categories format

Use the categories listed on the side bar to see a blog roll of posts made under this category. If you click on the title of the artwork, you will see it in full, plus be able comment from there.  By clicking on any of these, you can see the full artwork. You can like, share and comment from there.  If you click on the picture, you will be able to view it in its largest format. There are some categories that do not have a corresponding page, e.g. chit chat, music and collage.

If you make a comment in the Categories format, it will not show up in the Pages format and vice versa!

I trust you will enjoy surfing this site.  If you have any queries, you can contact me at creativejohn@outlook.com


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