Ode to Buddy

Buddy web size                 buddy-reference-photo.jpg Reference photo

Buddy is my best friend, always beside me or on my lap
So very well behaved, with impeccable manners – such a lovely chap
His quiet and gentle nature bring great comfort to me
With him I’m not alone – always in good company

He gets me up and out for his daily walk
And gives me a reason to catch up with others and talk
He christens every blade of grass and tree
Not overly interested in other dogs – just happy out with me

He’s been known to like the occasional cuddle
And loves to chase his ball
When inside he never leaves a puddle
And when outside, I never have to call

He’s slowing down a bit now, using a ramp to ascend his throne
He sits there high and mighty, watching people pass
He knows which cars are OK and barks when others trespass
He really is my perfect Buddy – and I’m his best friend Joan

©2017 John Rodriquez



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