Xena (Zena)

This is the story about Xena, or Zena, depending upon who spelled her name
Brave and fearless like the Warrior Princess named the same
When much bigger dogs were around, she hardly even cared
But the men who came to work, would see her and often feel scared

She would love to cuddle up on Wendy’s lap
Enjoying this better than trying to find rats to trap
A short legged Jack Russell, with feet turned out at ninety degrees
They’d send her into a tumble as she ran through the grass and the trees

And when it was Terry’s turn to take her for a walk
He’d look down at her prancing at the end of the lead
‘Like walking a blowfly’ he’d say, hoping the neighbours didn’t talk
For he was clearly used to walking much bigger dogs, indeed

Then she would curl herself up in her bed
With the funniest obsession running through her head
Round and round she’d turn, working her blanket ‘till she’d fully wrapped her all
A contented little princess, wrapped up in her pretty shawl.

© 2017 John Rodriquez


Ode to Buddy

Buddy web size                 buddy-reference-photo.jpg Reference photo

Buddy is my best friend, always beside me or on my lap
So very well behaved, with impeccable manners – such a lovely chap
His quiet and gentle nature bring great comfort to me
With him I’m not alone – always in good company

He gets me up and out for his daily walk
And gives me a reason to catch up with others and talk
He christens every blade of grass and tree
Not overly interested in other dogs – just happy out with me

He’s been known to like the occasional cuddle
And loves to chase his ball
When inside he never leaves a puddle
And when outside, I never have to call

He’s slowing down a bit now, using a ramp to ascend his throne
He sits there high and mighty, watching people pass
He knows which cars are OK and barks when others trespass
He really is my perfect Buddy – and I’m his best friend Joan

©2017 John Rodriquez



               Tasha edit web size              tasha reference photo Reference Photo

To our beloved friend Tasha
A most placid and gentle, beautiful creature
Despite having survived most horrid abuse
You carried yourself with poise and grace – none would deduce

With your soft and gentle eyes
Silky coat and jet black face
Your loving heart could hypnotise
Even the toughest of the human race

You wanted nothing more than loving care
And we’d all delight in the cuddles you’d share
Then one day it was your time to go
We miss you dearly, but still bask in your afterglow

You showed us how to live in the moment and just be
And your spirit of gentleness lives on
So run with the wind, forever free
As we join with you in spirit – love Kerrie & John

©2017 John Rodriquez