Today we pause to honour all types of mother or mum
As this role is filled by another for some
Then there’s those who’ve lost daughter or son
No less honour for them oughta become

And the mothers of orphans, both young and old
Perhaps gone before; perhaps not enrolled
Whose children are left behind; no mother to behold
But still worthy of honour, though pain may be unresolved

And what of the mothers who have lost a child before term
The sometimes forgotten ones, these mothers we now confirm
Their miscarriages and stillbirths of grave concern
But their roles as mothers, we honour as we affirm

So, come one, come all, on this special day
Gather round and join the call to say
Together as one, we open our hearts and pray
To give honour to mothers and mums yet again today

© 2017 John Rodriquez

Give Personalised Poetry Gifts


When you’re looking for that special gift
To give yourself or someone else a lift
And you’ve got something particular to say
Crafted poetry or verse, I can send your way

It may be short or long and carry any tone
And take on any manner or form
To meet your needs I’ll carefully hone
Your personal offering will be born

Be it person, pet or things
And about any situation
I will give it life in this creation
So you can share the joy it brings

It could be for hatches, matches or despatches
Serious, loving or irreverent
With style and flair, it will be different
Whatever the feel you want, it catches

So if you’re searching for that extra special text
Fill out the form below to see what’s next
And start your journey to a brave new world
To co-create your special gPet Poetryift, soon to be unfurled

© John Rodriquez 2017

Price Guide $Australian

Short Poem (1-4 verses) $147
Medium Poem (5-8 verses) $197
Long Poem (9-12 verses) $247
Extra Long Poem (13-20 verses) $297
Other items (e.g.Eulogy, Special Occasion Speech) Price on Application

What’s Next?

After you have completed this form, I will contact you to get a detailed brief & send you a quote with full specifications about your poem, along with an invoice with payment details.

Payment Details:

Full payment (non-refundable) is required before I commence your poem.


I will work with you to produce a work that resonates with you and will happily edit if there is something in particular that I have misunderstood from your briefing or does not meet your expectations.