Brand New Workshop/Playshop

Learn the ART of Self-Healing

Sunday 11 June 2017 @ SILO Paddington


Combining journalling, painting, meditation, group singing and sound healing, brought together in an exciting combination to teach you how to become your own alchemist and transform your own energy.

Special Introductory Offer: Bring a friend for half price!

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HURRY, as places are strictly limited!

He Lives In Me

he-lives-in-me-web-sizeThe lion is telling me that it’s all about illusion. As I lost myself in the music of the Lion King, he started to emerge. Whenever I was looking at the reference, picture ‘too hard’ trying to literally reproduce what I was looking at, the left brain kicked in. When I recognized this and went back to just looking for lights and darks and applying them loosely, this is when the magic started to happen! It was starting to look a bit same/same so I went to the pastels I hadn’t yet used and took some colours from the blues, greens, bright yellow & white and brought it to life. This happened during the song “They Live in You” so it was quite cathartic! ROOAARRRR! I’m calling this painting – ‘He lives in me’

Thanks to Irena for this wonderful lesson at Awaken Creativity


Bear web size

This is a young male bear, coming out of hibernation, hungry for what the world has to offer….much like me really! As I learn more about how to express my creativity, I see how long I have been in hibernation. Exciting times lie ahead, now that I am awakening and developing my style. I think I’ll call this one ‘Awakening’.


Survival web size

My koala has emerged. Teaching me some lessons along the way, with the help of Irena Kirpichnikova. I have learned more about focus, perspective, lighting and patience along the way, allowing this delightful chap to be seen in the forest at night. Given that the Koala is listed as a Vulnerable species in South East Queensland, he tells me that if we sharpen our focus and allow ourselves to be seen by other people, we increase our chances of survival in the long term. When we do this, our true beauty is revealed.