Turtle Wisdon


My turtle is a special one to me because he brought a special lesson with him. He took me considerable time to do, as I was not taking on a life lesson. When I first ‘finished’ him, I wasn’t really happy with the form of the shell. This was because I was doing the pattern from the top down perspective, yet my turtle was more side-on. Then I realised that I had been having trouble synthesising different viewpoints. Finishing my turtle after this became easy! Further to this, when I look back on the earlier version, I now notice how twisted the shell looked, consolidating the lesson about my need to integrate different viewpoints more effectively! Thank you Turtle for your wisdom and thank you to my supportive teacher Irena for your guidance!


2 thoughts on “Turtle Wisdon

  1. I love this Turtle pastel.
    I met John & Kerrie 30 years ago in Melbourne, spending many enjoyable weekends away exploring mutual interests and then our children were part of those weekend get-togethers. Now that we live in different states those meetings are limited.
    We visited Mon Repos turtle beach near Bagara the week of the 4th of February, 2017 and visited John & Kerrie on the 11th. We had the most amazing turtle encounters, the type that are up there with life’s most memorable experiences. I was unaware of the Turtle pastel on John’s easel when we visited, which was apparently completed on the 12th.
    We are now the proud owners of a beautiful copy of Turtle Wisdom, a gift from me for my husband’s birthday. For us it represents many amazing turtle memories while at Mon Repos, we both love it. For me, it is also very special to enjoy and identify with one of your many talents John.
    Thank you John for organising our print (my apologies if that understates the process you went through to reproduce it), that arrived by courier, ready to hang.
    We both love our Turtle Wisdom.

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