This is a story of how Art can be used to change your energy.  A client of mine (Jackie) had gone into a marriage, only to discover later, that she was not herself in this marriage, so chose to leave it.

As with most people who get married, she had some lovely photos that were taken, that she had no further use for.  One of these was a beautiful canvas that she offered me to use to do a painting on.  Rather than do this, I suggested that she do a painting over it, to shift her energy in relation to closing out her marriage and energising her in readiness for her new path.

I took Jackie through a process that involved mediation, toning, giving voice to her feelings, taking guidance from within to identify feelings and colours, which she proceeded to use to make her masterpiece. Note that Jackie had never ‘really painted’ before (her words) and found that when I gave her tools other than paint brushes to use, that she felt free to play.

As her painting took shape, she worked through may thoughts and emotions, from sadness, to acceptance to joy.

dsc08122  dsc08129  dsc08133

The closer she got to completing her masterpiece, the more she noted how much her energy had shifted, as she proudly stood back and viewed her handiwork.

dsc08126       dsc08141


She has called her piece ‘Transformation’ for obvious reasons 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. I remember when I first offered this canvas to John to paint on and the look on his face as he contemplated whether or not to accept it. Then he came up with a beautiful idea for me to transform the energy of this canvas to work with the energy that was there and to essentially transform the sadness I felt when looking at it.

    I’ve always loved being creative and making stuff, but never considered myself to have “painted” before. So initially I found my head got in the way of the process a little. Thoughts around whether or not I was doing it the right way, or being attached to what I thought it could be (which is probably just one big metaphor for it all really!).

    I vividly remember one defining moment whilst painting the canvas, I’d started to cover the picture in a beautiful turquoise and I was painting over our bodies on the canvas, I noticed what looked like a black line separating the two of us, I kept trying to wipe it away with the brush and I would look at the brush and try to find the black paint (which there was none). Turns out there was this dark line that separated the two of us in the image. I had never noticed it before, however, it was always there. It was a very significant moment in the healing journey.

    Throughout the process I experienced a range of emotions, from deep sadness right through to joy and happiness. John was an amazing guide on the side. He held the space beautifully and allowed whatever unfolded to unfold in divine right time. John is an angel and I am so grateful he offered this opportunity for me to transform the energy I held around this image. To think I was just going to throw it on the bonfire if he didn’t want it!

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this process to anyone whom has any energy they wish to transform or any emotions or experiences within them they wish to heal. And of course, big love to John who as I said is an angel and an amazing healer and giver of light.

    Thank you.

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