See Yourself


I asked a question about why I am waking up around 2AM more often than usual. The Chines Meridians suggest it is about anger, frustration & resentment, with particular reference to internal plans and the vision of life. So, I go to bu collage table and fossick through my pictures & words to get more clarity around this. note: This is a right brained activity. I do not ‘think’, I just feel/intuit and this is what came through for me! No secrets here 🙂



When I was painting this horse, it gave me a sense of deep peace & serenity. I can now see that this was because of the compassion being shown to my by its beautiful spirit.  I am so loving connecting with the spirit of the animals I am painting.



Whilst I was painting this fox, he certainly taught me about patience, as my eyes kept tricking me as far as the perspective of the nose is concerned. I let him sit a couple of times before going back and looking again to see what was illusion & what was real. Quite fitting for the spirit of the fox being a trickster! He was a challenge I really enjoyed. I haven’t given him a name yet, but he is clearly focused and alert, yet quietly confident.


This is a story of how Art can be used to change your energy.  A client of mine (Jackie) had gone into a marriage, only to discover later, that she was not herself in this marriage, so chose to leave it.

As with most people who get married, she had some lovely photos that were taken, that she had no further use for.  One of these was a beautiful canvas that she offered me to use to do a painting on.  Rather than do this, I suggested that she do a painting over it, to shift her energy in relation to closing out her marriage and energising her in readiness for her new path.

I took Jackie through a process that involved mediation, toning, giving voice to her feelings, taking guidance from within to identify feelings and colours, which she proceeded to use to make her masterpiece. Note that Jackie had never ‘really painted’ before (her words) and found that when I gave her tools other than paint brushes to use, that she felt free to play.

As her painting took shape, she worked through may thoughts and emotions, from sadness, to acceptance to joy.

dsc08122  dsc08129  dsc08133

The closer she got to completing her masterpiece, the more she noted how much her energy had shifted, as she proudly stood back and viewed her handiwork.

dsc08126       dsc08141


She has called her piece ‘Transformation’ for obvious reasons 🙂

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I feel like I am developing my style. I am enjoying the ‘impressionist’ approach to pastel painting, as opposed to the ‘realist’ approach and am finding that the end result is more real anyway. My Eagle brings me a serenity with a great depth of wisdom and feels very much a part of me. For some unknown reason, I want to call this piece ‘Egalitarian’, which is interesting in that the colours I have used are certainly different to the norm and are calling to be appreciated for what they are and not to be judged.

Thanks Awaken Creativity!