The Storm

The day started early with the crisp sweet song of birds
And light creeping round the curtain

Another warm day for certain.

The ground was wet from the night rain
And the air was heavy and damp
Then up came the breeze and dried the air around the camp

Throughout the day the clouds rolled by
And the sun continued to brighten the day
But the words of warning were written in the sky

I’m yet to show you my power, later in the day

By late in the afternoon, it’s getting dull
For a sub-tropical storm is pending
We are now awaiting in its lull
With anticipation building

It’s going to be a big one
Just as the day is ending

Suddenly the the sky flashes, magnesium white
Folowed by the crisp clap of thunder
This is the best of nature
We watch with sheer delight
As the clouds keep rolling from asunder

With one brilliant flash after another
Lighting the extremities of the sky
We watch with awe and wonder
As the storm clouds go racing by

Then the rain comes crashing down
Like it’s never going to stop
It gushes across the ground
Then, as quickly as it came, it stops

It has turned the day around

The air is fresh and clean
And a lonely frog begins to croak
Singing louder and louder every minute
Grateful for the thorough soak

The rain has returned
Gentle, unforgiving
The clouds empty their contents
As the sun prepares to throw us back another storm

Sometime soon

But who knows when?

© John Rodriquez

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