Thank you dad
For being my father
You gave me a start in life
You’ve kept me free from strife

In this busy manly world
Of hustle, bustle and shoving
It’s often very hard to feel comfortable
About expressing father and son loving

It’s something we know is there
But refrain from outwardly expressing
Just how much we really care
And leave each other guessing

Enough of the inward restraint
And the anguish over communication
My time has come to break the mold
And express outwardly, being bold
And tell you loud and clear – I love you dad
Then you know that you’ve been told

Then you don’t ever have to wonder
If you’ve done the right things
Because you’ve always done the very best you can
And that’s the best this world can expect from any man

I’ve always admired your inner strength
And would want no one else to be my dad
You’re free now to release the past
And to continue being the best dad I’ve ever had

I love you dad

© John Rodriquez


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