getting stronger

getting stronger

It comes as no surprise that more of this will be revealed to me as time goes on!


Found Inspirations

This blog thread is where I will be displaying my collection of collaged sayings, known as “Found Inspirations” based on a journalling technique brought to me by

You can find them at any time by clicking on the category “Found Inspirations” on the side bar at the right.  Thank you Julie.


This picture is the cover of the little book I am gathering my found inspirations in 🙂 (Approx 150cm squarish).

Butterfly Meanderings

It is the 17 January and I just noticed the calendar in our family room and the January page is all about creativity and the butterfly! It says “Every artist dips his brushes in his won soul and paints his own nature into his pictures” (Henry Ward Beecher).

I just took the calendar down to acknowledge the artist, to find that the calendar is called Butterfly Wings and every month has a new quote with butterflies on it! Is that synchronicity or what!

The calendar is made by Brush Dance and the artist is Cynthia Louden. See