An Artist’s Dilemma

How do I temper passion with patience?
I am ready to create, in the flow
But alas, the canvas is not ready
Or the last layer is not dry
The fire is ready to erupt into glorious splendour
But it cannot be, for the time is not right
I must wait, I must wait
So I have to keep the embers burning
Without consuming all the fuel
So that the flames can rise again, when the time is right
Be that first thing in the morning…or the middle of night

How do I temper passion with patience?
I look inside, in the knowing that the fire will never die
It is the essence of my being
It is who and what I am
I am the infinite Creator
My soul-fire burns ever so bright
It smoulders, it sparks, it rages
As I feed it with love, joy and child-like anticipation
Deep in the knowing…
I am creativejohn
Sharing a gift for passionate creation

How do I temper passion with patience?
There is no need, for the spaces in time are meant to be
They are part of the creative process
The incubation periods, the consolidation, all creating depth
A depth that may not appear from a single sitting
So they are to be cherished as the breeding ground for future joy
Of delightful surprises and new dimensions
As patience becomes the fuel for the fire of passion
And lets it build and rebuild in waves of ecstasy
For the flames to rise again
To give birth to the next masterpiece and bask in its afterglow

© John Rodriquez


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